About the Gallery

Located in Wilno, Ontario, Canada’s first Polish settlement, the Wilno Craft Gallery features a selection of 100 percent Canadian works, including many local artists and artisans. Stop in and shop from a range of unique items — choose a gift for someone special or add to your own collection.

We are proud to present a selection of 100 percent Canadian works by over 170 artists and artisans and have been in business for over 32 years.

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Our offerings include…


Paintings and Prints

Joyce Burkholder, Kathy M. Haycock, Linda Sorensen, Christine Peltzer, Sheila Powers, Hilkka, Lary Evans, Martina Evans, Eva Kaczkowski, Stephen Gaebel, Nathalie Jane Stevens, Alex Sztasko,  Everist Prokofiev, Nancy Rantz, Mary Artymko, Jasna Boyd, Karen Bernard, Jay Bell Redbird, Halina Stopyra


Linda Sorensen, Nancy Rantz, Doug De La Matter, Gord McMillan, Phil Cottrell, Jessica McComb.


Dan Hill, Lindsey Fraser, Wayne Cardinalli, Cynthia Norman, Julie Poliquin, Maria Abrasowicz, Clement Hoeck, Kathryn Kasaboski, Helgard Hodgkinson, Cheryl Brabant


Tropical Iceberg Glass (Alyssa Getz and Tommy Cudmore) Clark Guettel, Joe Speck, Karen Istad, Glass House.


William Taggart, Dan Vachon, Dan Root, David Humphrey, Kathy Daub, Michael Rabitaille, Jonathan Gutz, Cathy Peck, RNG Custom Crafts.

Metal and Stone Work

Anvil Island Design, Madoc Rocks, Lise Lachance, Bruce Rocks, Pass the Torch Metal Art Work




Najja Tribe, Kathryn Kasaboski, Simply Sustainable, Creative Abudance, Eva Muniak, Hermit Studios, Desideratum, Echo Jibe, The Tima Collection, Element 41, Dale Shutt, BC Images, Catherine Junop, Jennicajems, Catherine Coulombe, Christophe Poly.

Textile and Handbags

Craft for kids, Wendy Milne, Wild Design, Martina Evans, Jennicajems, Zofia Kozinski, Dye Devereux, Linda Sorensen, CMW Handbags, EMK Clothing, Richvale Saddlery.

Soaps and Beauty Products

Opeongo Soaps, Kogi Naturals, Earthy Essentials, Lavender Lane, Pert Soap Co.

Natural Food Products

Stone Kitchen, Yummies in a Jar, Creemore Coffee Company,  Madawaska Coffee.

Greeting Cards

Lady of the Lake by Kathy Meaney, Nancy Rantz, Jo-Anna Gauci, Dot’s of life, Donna Harradine, A.J. O’Neil, Janusz Charczuk, Eva Muniak, Linda Shulist, Patricia Hazelton, Jerome Coulas, Leslie White, Mark Kulas, Peter Soulsby and cards from all the painters which art work is in the gallery

Contact Us

Wilno Craft Gallery, Wilno, Ontario, Canada

19 Borutski Street
Wilno, Ontario, K0J 2N0
wilnogallery -at- gmail.com

Anna and Jan are your hosts.


Summer (June 1 to mid-October)
Monday to Saturday from 10 am to 5 pm and Sundays from 11 am to 4 pm, or by appointment.

Autumn (mid-October to December 21)
Closed Monday and Tuesday.

Christmas (December 22 to 24)
Open everyday.

Winter (January to end of March)
Open Friday, Saturday and Sunday only.

Spring (April to June 1)
Closed Monday and Tuesday with exception of May 24 long weekend when the Gallery is open on Monday on regular hours